5 months later…

wow.  as i updated frank’s blog today,  he asked, “what about yours?”

right. i have a blog. who knows if i have any regular readers (besides engines hawking replica prada purses – btw REALLY? c’mon – prada hasn’t made a bag i’ve been interested in for years, fake or not.) but if there are – hi. i’m back.

so much to catch up on. sold the house – check. packed the stuff, stored the stuff. moved into a hotel – check. house sold in a week (what with silverlake being the hippest neighborhood in the USA and all) so we had nowhere to live.

bought a factory downtown – check. moved AGAIN – oy. check. and here we are: downtown. not sure what i’ll do when forbes dubs downtown LA the hippest neighborhood in the USA – we’re smack up against the river and East LA has already been through the hipness grinder – but we’ll cross that bridge etc etc. i’m v happy for the poor schmuck who bought the house. he’s already cut down the guava tree and painted the garage door graffiti bomb  a tasteful … greige. go crazy with your bad-ass  hipster self – i live in a factory downtown. Surrounded by some pretty good street art.

the primary feature of the factory (besides needing a MAJOR renovation on every level) is ahem… the lack of a kitchen. i shit you not. the cooking facilities have been entirely of our own ingenuity.

what does it take to prepare a meal:

  • a way to make heat
  • a way to keep things cold
  • some sort of horizontal surface
  • a dry place to keep stuff.
  • water

with a december solstice gift request of a crock pot it was decided that we needed to eat more soup. and for the month at the hotel we feasted on vegetable soups, bean soups and most deliciously: “french” onion soup.

crockpots are simplicity in action. i have yet to want to cook anything that cannot be prepared in a crockpot. i’m convinced i could make cornbread in a slow cooker. i’m going to try it one of these days.

since i don’t want us to get too comfy in these squalid living conditions, i refuse to set up anything more elaborate than a “pantry” shelf, a chopping block, the electric kettle, a microwave (the crappest microwave ever. more on that soon) a mini fridge and the crockpot.

UPDATE: i have since obtained an induction hotplate. this is my new favorite kitchen thing, not only in that it makes heat (see above) but it is also a 12″x12″x2″ obsidian square. i no longer want the Wolf. I’m thinking – keep 4-6 induction hotplates in a drawer. Whatcha cookin’? how many pots? you pull out the units you need and cook. then wipe them off and….you have your Poggenpohl wet dream fantasy kitchen porn.


I am not certain this sort of minimalist kitchen will work for me. Okay I am sure. It won’t. All of the downtown factory loft  coolness of it all can’t pull the messy cook out of me. And the above is not a kitchen for actual cooking. It is a place to set out Champagne and canapés. Maybe toss a salad (or get your salad tossed – a good kitchen for sex. Lots of flat surfaces and nothing to knock over.) But it isn’t alive. Food would run screaming for its mother (me) pleading to jump into battered Le Creuset dutch ovens and get braising.

[Full disclosure: I do tend to DRESS pretty minimalist. I’ve been trying for color for years but have only gotten as far as the occasional midnight blue.]


rick owens


I’m pretty minimal when it comes to cars too. My new fetish – a 1973 Lamborghini Espada. We saw one at an auction yesterday. Dios. I want  one.



The induction hotplate can throw some BTUs – this is not your dorm room hotplate. It is a Duxtop 1800-watt Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop Burner. Excuse we.


Portable cooktop, crock pot, microwave. It’s like Lars Van Triers THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS. Through restriction comes creativity. So this next phase is about adapting. And compromise. We’ll be fine. And in a few months we’ll be renovation-bound and have to eat tacos on the corner for every meal. Done it before, we can do it again.

We are eating well. barley risotto w/short ribs (crockpot) was a hit. Made Marcella’s bolognese in the MICROWAVE today. (She must be spinning in her grave. but it’s working so far.) Oh and I’m planning to get out of the &^%$%( business and detail classic cars for a living. Please stand by….

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