Suburban Bliss?

Sold the building and moved east – to a variously scenic and scruffy part of P******. The packing and moving almost killed both of us but here we are renting a beautiful 1930s Moderne x Spanish Revival house. It needs a lot of work, like everything else in our life – the cars, the projects – and there’s is a worrisome moistness in certain areas. Please note that I write “worrisome” and not “concerning” which has become widely used and is just WRONG.

I have my moments about having moved out of DTLA. It was filthy and demoralizing on many levels: our inability to do what we wanted with the space was the main thing. I expect to see the building on the market for 3x what I got but those are the breaks when you go broke.

I have a garden again, and a housekeeper (of sorts,) wood floors, high ceilings and all that jazz. We’ve revived the Mead monster – 5 years worth of ageing seems to have done wonders. We’ve put up a red wine we are calling Purple Drank, just because. I’m making Rumpot and a Limoncello – debating whether to make a Pomplemcello with pink grapefruit.

I’m working on a Mistakencello also. We have a Super King out here which takes some of the sting out of leaving town. (I’m going to say that Frank seems more sanguine about the move and my little whiny jabs are really misplaced – I’m sitting an a breezy nook at a real table with green all around me. Big improvement from suffocating in a single chair with brake dust and homeless people all around me so I will STFU.)

Mistakencello happened because I was looking for over-proof alcohol and with Everclear being unavailable (and illegal) I thought that 100 proof Arak would be a good substitution. Arak as I have come to learn is flavored with aniseed which put a crimp in my plan to make Limecello – which I under took with absolutely no technique by slicing limes layering with sugar and pouring Arak over the whole thing. As I got the first whiff of anise I realized what was happening. There was a lot of dithering and an actual decanting and washing of the limes until I tasted this LimeArak: it was good. In that inexplicable way that something seems so wrong but delicious. Anisette and lime? Why not. So it’s in the pantry (I have a pantry!) Let’s see how it comes out.

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