red light… greenlight 1-2-3


was 2015 the three amber countdown? I think it was. 

this isn’t about resolutions this is just what I am going to do:

  • be much less cynical
  • have more fun*
  • slow my thoughts
  • have more faith in myself
  • write paper thank you notes
  • listen and don’t interrupt
  • become expert in 2 more things**
  • don’t be afraid to stay in touch with people
  • let that freak flag fly again
  • believe it’s amber and gonna go green and be ready

*this is really too general but I think it connects to believing that I can enjoy life and still be effective. that suffering doesn’t imply increased focus and therefore success. what’s the point if it sucks getting there? I’ll be sapped and bitter and hideous. nope. keep it light kid.

**this means drilling down on the specifics: GT cars btw 1963-1974, vehicle sales and marketing; recipe development….

  • blog it


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